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Company Overview
Norbridge was founded in 1993 by four partners whose goal was to build a leading management consultancy for the transportation and logistics industries. The name derives from the Old North Bridge near company headquarters, site of the first battle of the American Revolutionary War.

Norbridge has since grown to more than 20 professionals, adding expertise in pharmaceutical/medical devices, utilities and energy, mining, and technology. The firm has also broadened its functional offerings to now include strategy, market analysis, mergers and acquisitions, sales effectiveness, operational improvement, organization design, management education, regulatory assistance, and litigation support. We reinforce these offerings with sophisticated modeling and management tools.

How we work

We do not pretend to be all things to all clients. However, where we compete we are very effective, for several reasons:

Senior-level expertise.  Norbridge partners have worked for major companies and have had leadership roles in large consulting firms. That extensive, hands-on experience, complemented by our functional expertise and decision-support tools, provides unrivaled knowledge and close personal attention to every engagement.

International perspective.  Through our international client work and previous line management experience, we understand how regulation, business practices, and customer priorities can vary in different countries. Understanding those nuances means that we can provide the best solution for a particular market.

Size and flexibility. Our size and staffing model is designed to support the highest-quality work and address the client’s individual situation. Because we have a lean organizational structure, we can customize an engagement to the appropriate team size, duration, and intensity. 

Analytical prowess.  We offer the analytical sophistication that you would expect from a larger firm, in such areas as operations modeling, pricing and yield management, and revenue forecasting.  This allows us to challenge management’s thinking and arrive at fact-based solutions.

As collaborative and flexible as a small firm, as experienced and rigorous as a large firm, and as experienced as the client executives we serve – that’s a revolutionary combination today, one uniquely designed to deliver superior results. 

Our principles
  1. The solutions to problems are different for every client.
  2. We avoid preconceptions in order to arrive at the right answers, and the answers can change over time.
  3. We tell you what you want to hear only when it happens to be the truth.
  4. We know how to support complex decision processes.
  5. We understand the dynamics of your industry. 
  6. We’re confident you will work with us again because we’ve added tangible value on the last project.


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