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Case - Facilitating A Bold New Vision
A large industrial firm was in the process of executing a merger so sweeping in its impact as to be unprecedented in the history of the company. Significant debt had been incurred to enable the merger, and as the timeline for consummation was pushed forward, pressure to achieve hoped-for cost savings and revenue growth mounted. Pre-merger, the two companies had different organizational structures -- one functionally based and one modeled more on business units/profit centers.

We worked with the CEO and his direct reports to create a compelling future vision and consider alternative organizational approaches. We built a stock valuation model and evaluated possible courses of action in light of their potential to achieve the desired valuation. Upon arriving at an agreed course, we facilitated a top management off-site session to build consensus around the vision and the means of pursuing it. We worked further to help derive an organizational structure that would enable the changes in focus required.

Value Added
The company was able to smoothly transition out of the immediate start-up phase following the consummation of the merger, rolling out leadership and organization changes quickly and efficiently, with comparatively little time lost on idle speculation. The changes made sense to middle management, who felt a palpable new sense of purpose and direction. The new approach was also applauded by Wall Street and confidence in the company's prospects increased.

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