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Case Study - Improving Customer Service Center Effectiveness
A Class I Railroad was gaining a reputation for poor levels of customer service. To keep from losing business for service-related problems, the railroad employed Norbridge to understand the reasoning behind it's negative image and devise a solution to improve customer service.

The key issue that Norbridge had to address was: "Why do customers perceive poor quality?" Within the context of this issue, Norbridge sought to learn: the effectiveness and resolution rate of customer problems, the cost efficiency of operating the customer service center, and the possibility of using the customer service department for marketing intelligence.

To achieve these goals, Norbridge performed extensive customer surveys and documented the best customer service practices among Class I railroads as well as other industries. Norbridge compiled activity logs for employees and compared their performance with the productivity benchmarks and customer expectations.

Value Added
By implementing Norbridge's final recommendations, the client increased customer satisfaction, reduced the number of managers by 15%, created a new and effective problem-resolution plan based on direct contact with customers, and increased the overall efficiency of the department.

One of the key success factors in achieving these results was understanding how employees and managers spent their time. Managers dedicated 50% of their time reading reports, 30% correcting errors, and only 20% actually managing. By locating managers closer to actual work sites and getting them to manage, organizational efficiency was greatly increased.
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