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Organizational Development
Organizational development is the process of increasing company value through investing in human capital. Because people are the underlying driving force in any organization, creating and maintaining a well-trained, motivated workforce is critical to the long-term performance of today's companies. At Norbridge, we approach organizational development with a keen understanding of the vital role people play in the success or failure of a company.

Working with our clients, we've tackled a wide range of human resource challenges, for example: increasing retention rates among key employees, building teamwork and within-company communications, fostering management education and leadership skills, and promoting a motivated workforce culture by building a shared vision.

Organizational Assessment and Education
A common starting point in organizational development efforts is to perform a thorough assessment of a company's current workforce and policies. Evaluating both the strengths and weaknesses of the staff helps identify the company's human resource needs and guides the selection of training and educational initiatives.

Management and staff are best equipped to meet the challenges of a dynamic competitive market environment when provided with continuous training and learning resources that are specifically tailored towards the company's longer-term objectives. Norbridge brings functional and industry expertise to bear in creating custom multi-stage educational programs for clients. We also draw on outside experts to provide a complete, well-rounded package of experiences for program participants. We recognize that in addition to experience and expertise in their respective business, today's managers require exceptional organization, leadership, and communication skills in order to create business value and deliver maximum productivity from their team.

Culture Change
One of the great challenges facing traditional industries is culture. Command and control systems clash with the democratization of information that has been swept in with email and the internet; Gen-X enters the workforce with different work-life balance desires than those of their parents. Norbridge has participated in several top-level initiatives that built management consensus around a new vision and set of guiding principles. Our role has ranged from helping to create the vision, to conducting off-site team building sessions to enlist management support, to helping plan the key steps in a broader rollout.

We have also played major roles in studies designed to change behavior in targeted functions or areas. One interesting aspect of such efforts relates to the measurement systems a company might have in place. As the old saw goes, 'what gets measured gets attention.' Sometimes companies' measurement systems focus on the wrong things and distort behavior unintentionally. Other times there are simply too many measures, and focus is lost. Norbridge has participated in a variety of efforts to streamline reporting and direct attention to key metrics that help to align behavior with desired results.

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