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Supply Chain
Supply chain is dead - long live supply chain! It is no longer just about supply (it's demand driven), it is no longer a chain (it's really a network), and the concepts apply equally to services as well as products. That said, the challenges are greater than ever. Global supply chains continue to grow longer and more complex as companies push deeper into uncharted territory in search of lower costs. Customers are demanding customized goods and services, made to order and delivered conveniently, on time and reliably. Opportunities to enhance the customer experience and boost company economics have never been greater. But finding the right solution, one that balances risk and reward, requires skillful navigation and a firm hand on the tiller.

Norbridge matches great capabilities to clients' supply chain issues:
  • Supply chain strategy and design
  • Global network structure
  • Performance improvement and measurement
  • Organizational design
  • Manufacturing and logistics partner selection
  • Implementation support
We have supported clients in industries ranging from high-tech to consumer goods, telecommunications, transportation and publishing. Please see our case examples and white papers for further detail.
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