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Case Study - Preparing for Entry into a Major New Market
For a major US-based transportation company, we worked with sales, marketing, and operations teams to prepare for entry into a large, newly competitive market. The client engaged Norbridge to help develop tools and analyses to educate and train the marketing and sales force to be able to obtain profitable new business, and to assist the operations team in preparing to cost-effectively handle the new business.

We conducted an in-depth analysis of the new territory, profiling individual customers, commodities, and major geographic sectors. The team collected detailed activity-based data providing a basis for "bottom-up" research, examining the new market in detail.

Based on this analysis, we were able to assess which segments of the market our client might have a competitive advantage in obtaining, which were on roughly equal footing to fight for, and which they were unlikely to win. In addition, we examined detailed pricing and cost data to develop insights into which business segments were the most attractive and should garner the highest level of attention.

In order to satisfy regulatory restrictions, Norbridge contacted potential new customers directly to obtain their permission to share key summary information with our client, in order to help the client better prepare to serve these customers once the market had opened.

Finally, in conjuction with the sales and marketing team, we adopted a systematic approach of evaluating both the attractiveness and likelihood of winning new pieces of business as they became available. This system provided a means to continuously track which business had been won or lost, enabling the Operations team to have a "rolling forecast" of new business that would need to be managed.

Value Added
The project resulted in a detailed profile of potential new customers and commodity-specific business opportunities. By being "armed" with key commodity and geography-specific customer information, sales and marketing staff were well-equipped in attracting new business once the market had opened, winnning dramatically more than their expected share of business.

Importantly, we were also able to provide insight into which business was the most attractive and/or profitable, providing sales and marketing teams with the ability to properly prioritize their efforts in going after new business. As a result, the client was able to also win a disproportionally large share of the new business, as measured by the expected contribution to profitability.

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