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Keeping pace with the large and complex health care industry as it prepares for the challenges of escalating costs and an aging population is no easy task. Change is sweeping through the global and US health care systems, requiring the industry and its multitude of players to adopt more efficient infrastructures and optimize their strategies in the face of increasingly competitive and tightly managed markets. None of the players—including pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers, medical device companies, HMOs, physician networks, and pharmacy benefit managers—are immune to these competitive pressures. Conversely, those who comprehend the current industry dynamics and adopt new strategies will position themselves for long term growth.

Developing successful strategies requires the integration of cross-functional initiatives with in-depth analytics. Successful solutions range from identifying new opportunities for growth to strategies for product life-cycle management. Norbridge’s capabilities in this space include:
  • Corporate and business unit strategic planning
  • Acquisition and due diligence analysis
  • R&D evaluation, planning and re-design
  • Marketing, product and sales strategies
  • Primary market research and sales data analytics
Please see our Case Studies for selected examples of our work

Norbridge staff have conducted numerous projects for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical equipment/supply/device and diagnostic companies around the world.
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